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RV SnapPads are the world's only permanent jack pads. They attach permanently to your RV leveling jacks, so you don't have to carry around blocks of wood or plastic blocks to level your RV or Motorhome. Simply "snap!" them on one time, and you're all set.

Made from durable recycled rubber tires, and proudly manufactured in America, SnapPads "snap-on" to your RV's leveling jacks and stay on for good. Due to their unique shape and rubber construction, SnapPads increase your RV's footprint and make your rig feel more stable on a wide variety of terrains, including grass, mud, sand, and gravel. They also protect your metal leveling feet from scrapes and bends, while also protecting man-made surfaces like concrete and asphalt from jack damage.

SnapPads are engineered to be resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and any other environmental hazard. SnapPads are made not to crack, burn, melt, or break under normal conditions. SnapPads have been shake-tested in a lab to 50G's (50 times the force of gravity) to ensure they won't fall off while driving. Because they are custom engineered to work with different jack types, there are a wide variety of different SnapPad shapes and sizes. Use our Accela Search feature to find out which SnapPad fits your RV!